Nutritional Counseling

and dietary guidance

Becoming and staying healthy is more than just making sure that your body doesn't hurt!

Sometimes your diet can play a role in WHY you may not be feeling your best, which is why we can have a discussion about what you're eating and what may be considered a trigger.

We first like to establish a baseline of what you are currently eating. Studies suggest that the best way of establishing a baseline is to document what you are eating for at least 2 weeks. At Golden Bear Chiropractic we like to keep this process as easy as possible for you and suggest that you simply take a photo of everything that you ingest during this time frame. This includes not only what you are eating but also what you are drinking.

There is no such thing as "one diet fitting all people" so we like to determine what your eating habits include, exclude, and how they make you feel throughout the day.

Once that baseline is established we can start to make simple, effective and most importantly OBTAINABLE, dietary changes that you can stick to!

We can create a meal plan that is perfectly suited for your needs! Aiding in how well your body EXPRESSES HEALTH!