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Doctor Corey moved to California in 2015 like many before him in hopes to build a better life for himself and the others that he encounters. He quickly found a place in San Leandro and fell in love with the area. Over the next few years he had built relationships with new friends and neighbors, working on reinvigorating the community that he loved to call home. In 2018, Corey, his husband, and their two wonderful dogs, Meatball and Jelly, moved from their rental in The Broadmoor to their forever home in the Best Manor neighborhood. Some may have called it old fashioned but when he moved in he made it a point to meet all the new neighbors and has since helped rekindle the community. He has been dubbed affectionately "Mayor of the Loop!" Over the course of the past few years and through the pandemic he has helped dozens of his neighbors with small projects around their homes, yard work for those who were unable, and busting out his baking skills with his much anticipated gifts of holiday treats that he puts together annually. He also loves to go on adventures throughout the state filled with hiking, sightseeing, and enjoying everything else that nature provides!

Professionally Doctor Corey loves science!

He loves that through proper conservative care he is able to help people live pain free and active lives. While studying to become a chiropractor he leaned heavily on learning techniques that provide the most repeatable results for his patients. He knows that by using these tools that he will be able to provide consistent results for those who see him! He specializes in using both the Activator Protocol and Drop Table with occasional use of Diversified adjustments. He has found that most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to what type of care they respond best to; either sclerotogenous or osseous adjustments. In other words some people do best with adjustments that are more gentle verses adjustments that provide a little more oomph.

His philosophy when it comes to patient care is that sometimes less is more and that accountability of outcomes is one of the most important things he brings to the table. He wants you to be Feeling Your Best and has the tools available to make that happen. You can expect that care from Dr. Corey will be thorough, well informed, and in your best interest! He will, depending on need, adjust fixations found in your body, provide access to exercises, and help with making sure that you are able to regain/retain the ability to do what is most important to you!

Meet Meatball and Jelly!

Our dogs were rescued from the SF SPCA and have been the best boys!

Meatball is our blond love-bug. You will often find him curled up in his "Happy Place" which is the closest he is able to get to you or on top of a blanket nest of his own creation! He loves his walks, treats, and becoming a "babushka" by being wrapped up in the softest blankets we have around!

Jelly is our cow-colored attention seeker. He is very enthusiastic about going on walks and bringing you a bunch of toys to throw! His current record for bringing toys over is set at 16! He is also a bit of a chatterbox and is affectionately known as our "squeaky door!"

You will often times see both of them in our bay window being our resident neighborhood watch! They do a fantastic job of patrolling the neighborhood looking for cats, squirrels, or anything else that catches their eyes.

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