We Are Currently Working To Get Credentialed With A Few Health Insurance Companies To Help Lower Costs For You!

In the meantime we, as always, will be providing great care at affordable prices without the hidden fees that you may find elsewhere.

We believe in providing affordable access to chiropractic care that many people otherwise wouldn't recieve in order to improve their overall health and reduce their overall healthcare expenses. As such we offer very affordable rates for our cash patients, to help keep their costs as low as possible!

Most people with healthcare insurance in the United States never reach their deductible and as such pay the full amount of their healthcare expenses at their employer's negotiated rates. At Golden Bear Chiropractic we have taken into account the costs that getting chiropractic care has on our patients and have adjusted our prices in which to give our patients the most value for their hard earned dollars. With our practice model we are able to provide, upon request, what is referred to as a SuperBill in which our patients are able to submit to their insurance carriers. A SuperBill is an invoice that tells your insurance company what diagnoses and treatments that have been completed while undergoing chiropractic care. On average an insurance provider with chiropractic as an insurance benefit can reimburse chiropractic care between $30-$65 per visit.

(Please note that all healthcare insurance providers differ in their reimbursement rates and to check with your insurance carrier to calculate total costs before recieving chiropractic care at Golden Bear Chiropractic)

In addition to having some of the best rates we also offer a 10% time of service discount on pre-paid visits, which further reduces the costs to our patients. *restrictions apply*

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