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On average a person’s head weighs about 10-12lbs and the weight of that head when positioned properly gets transferred through all the vertebra in your spine all the way down to your pelvis.
When your head gets positioned forward, as is common when looking at your phone or spending too much time in front of a computer, it increases the functional weight your head onto the anterior (front) part of your vertebral bodies.
Look at this info-graphic to see how much that force is magnified with varying degrees of flexion/anterior translation.
Let’s discuss why this is bad!
All that increased force puts increased pressure on your discs, stretches your posterior (backside) ligaments, increases the stretch of your muscles/tendons resulting in weakness, and most importantly puts increased stress on your spinal cord causing dysfunction throughout your body!
So if you find yourself looking like these pictures and wonder why your body keeps on hurting, you now have the knowledge for one of the reasons why!
Corey Blanchette

Corey Blanchette


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