How we approach your care plan!

At Golden Bear Chiropractic, we are big believers, that if you're not getting better, we're not doing our jobs!

We pride ourselves in having an extremely thorough examination, creating custom tailored care plans that involve all the tools we have available, and setting you up with your personalized stretching and exercise program. This ensures that you will have all the resources required to get you to the point where you eventually will not need to see a chiropractor. 

We start our approach by centering our focus around getting you out of whatever pain that brought you into the office in the first place. Depending on what's going on, your personal complication factors to healing, and lifestyle; we create an evidence informed care plan for the acute care you need. For most people and for most conditions this acute care plan ranges from 4-10 visits. In that time you should notice significant improvement in the condition that brought you into the office. During this time you may experience exacerbation of your condition before it starts to get better, but that is not the case for everyone. Some people feel immediate lasting relief during this time.

After we get you experiencing your pain less severely and less frequently we enter the transition period in which to keep you from re-experiencing your symptoms. In this phase we focus more on the rehab and neurological re-training of how you move around to prevent the likelihood of new injuries. This is also when visits start to get spaced out and you'll be needing less frequent visits. Generally we increase the duration between visits for a few weeks until we find out how long your body can go without your original symptoms re-emerging. This is usually a few month process with a handful of appointments.

Final part of our approach is a transition to a wellness type plan similar to your annual check ups at your medical primary care provider or your dentist. These visits vary greatly from person to person, where some people need/want a monthly check up, others on a quarterly or bi-annual basis. In any case these would be considered preventative types of appointments that help increase your overall level of health.

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