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Please Read Through Our General Intake Process Below

We pride ourselves in a very thorough examination process and as such we inquire about conditions that other providers may overlook!

With your initial exam, expect to spend about an hour to go over your history and complete the exam, general details are below.

We Go Over The History Of Your Physical Complaint(s)

With This We Discuss

What Your Complaint Is

How The Complaint Happened
Things That Make It Better/Worse
How The Complaint Feels To You And It's Severity
The Duration and Timing of Your Complaint
Whether Or Not Your Complaint Travels and If So Where

This is to determine whether you are a good candidate for chiropractic care or if another type of provider is more appropriate!

We Do A Complete Physical Workup Including A Neurological and Orthopedic Exam

With This We Evaluate

Your Posture

Ranges Of Motion
How You Walk Both Normally and Under Certain Conditions
We Check Your Muscle Strength
We Check Your Reflexes
We Check For Neurologic Symmetry or Disconnect
We Check For Muscle Imbalances
We Check For Static Fixations In Your Body
We Check For Fixations While Your Body And Joints Are In Motion
This Is What Is Referred To As Identifying Subluxations

We Establish A Plan Of Care

This Includes What Is Going To Be The Most Effective Treatment Regimen For You

Treatments can vary from person to person and it is very important to be able to identify what is going to work best For You!
ALL adjustments provided at Golden Bear Chiropractic are SAFE, GENTLE, and EFFECTIVE!
Some people do best with an osseus adjustment, In other words removing subluxations either by hand or using the drop table.
This type of treatment is best for people who have long-standing complaints that are complicated by past injuries or their lifestyle.
Not everyone does best with this type of treatment and its important to rule out possible contraindications for this adjusting style.
Some things that would make this treatment not a good choice for some include a history of Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, or Connective Tissue Disorders to name a few.
A more gentle yet just as effective approach is to remove subluxations using treatments that act more sclerotogenously. These techniques involve the use of an Activator (a spring loaded instrument), Spinal Blocking, or Light Touch Holds.
These types of treatments are great for the elderly, those with a fear of loud adjustments, or those who need a deeper neurological evaluation of their subluxations verses addressing the just the major areas of fixation within their body.
Our general practice style involves transitioning from using more osseus adjustments to more scerotogenous adjustments over time.
Addressing Subluxations this way is a way of fine tuning the way that your brain and your body communicate!
We like to think of it as sanding a piece of wood that has a large gash in it.
First you use a lower grit sandpaper (osseus adjustment) that clears away the major imperfections and gets the piece in a better, yet still rough, shape and then you use a higher grit sandpaper (sclerotogenous adjustment) to create a smooth finish that's less likely to have imperfections!

Refine Your Plan Of Care

This Is Done Between Your First And Your Second Appointment

After your first visit, your chiropractor is going to to recommend having you come in within a few days for a few reasons.

Your chiropractor in the time between your first and second visit is going to put together a review of findings, create a home exercise/stretching program, and put together some achievable lifestyle suggestions that will help you resolve the complaint(s) that brought you in.

Your Chiropractor will review all these things and give you their professional opinion on what the best course of action for you to resolve your complaints.

During this time we encourage you to ask questions and/or seek clarification so that we can work together to get you Feeling Your Best!

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