Finding a healthcare provider can be tough, Finding one that understands the community is even tougher.
At Golden Bear Chiropractic we believe in inclusive care for the LGBTQIA+, Leather, and Kink Communities of the SF Bay Area.

Not part of the community, but are an ally, then you're welcome too!

Experience the difference that an inclusive practice can provide!

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San Leandro's Neighborhood LGBTQIA+ Competent Chiropractor.

Dr. Corey (He/Him) is a Rhode Island transplant who has made San Leandro his home since 2015. He lives with his loving husband and two adorable dogs just outside the downtown area. He loves working with his hands; whether that be in his office helping patients feel their best, in his woodshop, or out in the garden. 

Dr. Corey believes that affordable access to healthcare is one of the most important things in today's world, Which is why he opens his doors to people of all Shapes, Sizes, Gender Identities, Ethnicities, and Levels of Abilities at rates that are in line with the value that they bring. He works with where people are currently at and helps them get to where they want to be!

He identifies the root cause of a person's physical complaint, establishes a treatment plan that suits their lifestyle, and then helps keep them accountable so that they can get back to doing the things they love to do!

He's very proud to be able to provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ folks and for those who practice non-standard activities to get the care they need!

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Golden Bear Chiropractic

is located in Downtown San Leandro. A centrally located city in the East Bay of the SF Bay Area. The office is a 10 minute walk from BART and provides 3 different options for free 2 hour parking all within 200 feet of the building's entrance. The building itself is ADA compliant with ramps, an elevator, and accessible bathrooms.
Golden Bear Chiropractic
151 Callan Ave Suite 201
San Leandro, California
94577 USA
What our practice members are saying!
Brook M.

"Great location, easy to find & good parking. Dr. Corey puts you at ease right away & is very thorough in his assessments. I went in feeling good and came out feeling great! Dr. Corey set me up with an exercise routine that I'm very comfortable with, so I know I will stick to it. I'm so looking forward to my next appointment!"

Aleckz M

"Not only did I leave in less pain than I have been in in years after the first visit, but doctor Corey was also very thorough. One thing I hate most about medical appointments is that I am a trans man and the questions can make me feel seen as less of a man. Dr. Corey has worked very hard to make the process as inclusive as possible and he didn’t make me feel less than in any way with any of his questions. He showed care and respect for me as a person and I can’t wait to go see him again!"

Logan M.

"I had my first visit with Dr Corey today. He gave me a thorough exam and identified a few problems in addition to the neck pain I came in to see him for. He gave me some adjustments and my neck and back are feeling a lot better already! I will definitely be coming back because his care was very focused and already effective."

Teresa S.

"I have been going to Golden Bear Chiropractic for a couple of weeks now and I am so very happy with Corey. I have been hurting for sometime now and have finally gotten relief. I love the way he works with your body and is so gentle and listens to you. He is not your 5 minute rack them and crack them kind of Chiropractor. He is so kind and caring and spends time with you. I wish more Doctors were like him. I highly recommend his practice to you, you will not be disappointed. You will be thankful and so will your body. Try him out you have nothing to lose but getting a better stronger body."

Ken A

"Dr. Corey Blanchette is excellent. He did a very thorough intake review and exam. He asked questions and found things that two previous chiropractors have overlooked. I have had back pain problems for over 30 years. Over the past couple of months they became chronic with daily pain. I went to two previous chiropractors and they were not able to help with adjusting or providing the pain relief I needed. After just one exam and adjustment with Dr. Corey my back pain was gone the next day. His office is very conveniently located right in downtown San Leandro, just a short walk from the BART station and there is plenty of parking if you get there by car. Dr. Corey listens very well and responds to your chiropractic goals. I highly recommend Golden Bear Chiropractic."

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